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A Visual Exploration of Lines

Bridgeable Research + Design
communication design
Team members: Stephanie Rosinski, Chris Ferguson


The recent unveiling of Bridgeable’s bold new logo called for an update to the existing brand guide. Typography, colour palettes, and imagery were components that were fairly straightforward to determine; the challenge arose in designing a versatile visual system that could effectively tell a story.

Working with the internal marketing team, we looked at all the characteristics we wanted Bridgeable to exude. Approachable, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking became the driving forces of our design.


With consensus on building upon the ‘Bridge Stripe’ (the line above the Bridgeable wordmark), we began our visual exploration by crowdsourcing ideas from our office full of designers. What came out of Bridgeable’s multidisciplinary team was a variety of interpretations of what a line meant to every individual.

Though each submission was special and equally beautiful, there lacked a consistent style that was crucial to a brand narrative.

Taking parts of these designs, we went back to the drawing board. Along the way, scalability, versatility, and future trends were all taken into consideration to create a cohesive and purposeful visual language to be used in the coming years.


After countless design iterations and comparisons against our key characteristics, we were thrilled to present a visual language made up of heavy rounded lines and circles. The flexibility in this system allows for easy brand adaptation to represent different concepts or when a story needs to be told.

This new visual system has since been incorporated into Bridgeable’s service capabilities and numerous other web and print collateral to cohesively communicate our brand values.

See more of the visual language in use by visiting Bridgeable's website, launching in early November.

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