elsa wong - communication design

DRIE: dutchDesign

Simon Fraser University SIAT Field School
brand & identity // visual design // content writer
Team members: Groep DRIE


Exhilarated and exhausted after spending 6 weeks in Northern Europe interviewing designers, Groep DRIE needed to compile their research into 21 interview films, all housed under a contemporary website.


With a tight 2-month timeline, the group split into smaller teams to tackle specific areas of work. As a part of the branding and visual design team, countless conversations were had on the best way to communicate academic rigour while expressing “Dutchness”. We were in constant touch with the user experience team to make sure that the final product would convey our intentions while considering a delightful digital experience.


Taking advantage of the lessons we learned out in field, the visual direction of the digital experience was driven by colour and a “no bullshit” approach. Valuing honesty and a sense of pseudo-modesty above all else, DRIE’s branding was experimental: to recede into the background while being wildly upfront in its content.

View the full dutchDesign: DRIE website to get a better sense of our project and to learn something new!

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