elsa wong - communication design
  • Toronto FoodShare's Field to Table Catering Experience Design

    Bridgeable Pro-Bono project
    art direction // experience design // service design
    Team members: Terri Block, Spencer Beacock
  • Field to Table Catering launch party invitation with colourful vegetable patterns
  • Field to Table Catering story card and vegetable icons
  • Field to Table Catering customer experience map
  • Brief

    During the summer of 2013, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of being Bridgeable's design intern. Our project for the summer was to work with FoodShare Toronto, an organization concerned with multiple food and accessibility projects in the city. The catering arm of FoodShare, Field to Table Catering, had long been providing affordable catering to other non-profit groups, but now wished to become a social enterprise to generate funds to support their sister programs.

    In an organization whose agenda was full of rich and meaningful work, it was important that Bridgeable designed solutions that considered every voice within the organization and preserved the values and ideals that FoodShare had come to be known for.


    There were numerous phases of the project. Naturally, we began with research. This included interviewing stakeholders and experts, and ethnographic immersions. Sitting on a large foundation of data, we sifted and sorted for over a week to arrive at a neat way of communicating all of our findings: a customer experience map. You can read more about this via my Bridge post.

    We headed into the ideation session with our own initial ideas, but our full-day workshop with the FTT Catering team led us to solutions with even greater potential. The final portion of our summer was spent prototyping and implementing our proposed solutions and adjusting them as needed.


    The design process served as a great guide and there were a number of successful outcomes as a result of this. As the design intern, I was most involved in communications, the execution of the front-facing branding, and marketing items. Within the intern team, I offered support in reworking processes, such as invoicing and delivery, to create an efficient working environment for FTT Catering, while still maintaining the capacity to offer exemplary service to clients.

    There were a wide array of new skills and lessons I took away from the summer; from research methods to service blueprinting to business strategies and even food photography. It were these takeaways that made this experience enriching and valuable.

    To learn more about my time at Bridgeable Research + Design, please visit our intern Tumblr blog or visit the brand new Field to Table Catering website.

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