elsa wong - communication design

Designing a Digital Experience for Lululemon's Men's Market

user experience // art direction & visual design
Team members: Matthew Harwood, Allan Lee, Chris Li, Nicholas Singh


Lululemon is a well-known maker athletic apparel, and rightfully so. They've paired fit, breathable yoga wear with a culture that has quickly permeated the west coast. We were tasked with designing a digital artifact that took ideas from R/GA, a digital agency, and would bridge the innovation gap*.


Why don't men do more yoga? This was the question we began with. It was fairly obvious that Lululemon had dominated the women’s yoga market but there was a huge gap in yoga products for men. There is often a belief that yoga only suits women because their bodies are more flexible and the nature of the practice is serene and meditative, but upon deeper digging, our research revealed methods of yoga that were practiced to aid athletic performance. We saw this as an opportunity to leverage this information to help Lululemon expand into the male market.

It then become critical that we were communicating the benefits yoga. We needed to demonstrate that there were multiple kinds of yoga, each with their own qualities to suit every man's lifestyle.

For full details on our process, please see our process book.


Taking ideas from R/GA, we built a platform that shares the stories of a variety of people, athletes, yogis, business men, and how yoga improved their lives. The platform includes a selection tool that helps the user determine their top 3 types yoga based on their lifestyle. The user receives personalized results that provides information on the benefits of yoga, what to expect at a class, and where to participate.

*The widening chasm between the knowledge of how to make things as compared to the knowledge of how people live and what they actually want/need. (Warren Berger, Glimmer)
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